Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Mine arrived this past Saturday

Since Friday is my scheduled day off, I received my pink slip along with Saturday's mail.

The effective date is May 8, 2010. Sunday, while at work, I learned that the union is working on a solution. Meetings were scheduled to explain what we are to do after receiving the pink slips. I didn't attend any, because they didn't fit my desk schedule. I thought that I'd wait until next week. It's a good thing also, because maybe we'll receive solid answers.


Carla said...

I'm sorry that you received the pink slip. Hang in there.

Nexgrl said...

I'm trying, that's all I can do. We're under the impression that the mayor can't include the library staff in this. The library's funding is separate from the city budget.

bglen said...

u can always come here
....as if- you'd not be able to breath- luvya