Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You can now use the library as a charging station

There are a few patrons that use the library to charge their wheelchairs. Cellular telephone charging has become the norm, but I still can't get used to seeing the random wheelchair.

Yesterday morning, I had gone to the first floor, to give security a identification card that had been left at the reference desk. As I exited the staff elevator, I saw a wheelchair against the wall, near the large print books. The wheelchair was plugged in. Sitting across from the chair, was it's owner, who had the nerve to give me the 'side-eye(yes, Jazzy, he did') Thrown to the side of the patron was a prosthetic leg.

Upon first glance, it seemed as if the leg didn't belong to the patron. After closer inspection, I saw that it did.

When I returned to my floor, I relayed this story to my co-worker. He said, "Was the leg being charged also?"


Anonymous said...

we had this issue in my public library recently. man has been told that he cannot charge his scooter in the library as the library is not in the business of providing free energy. (his scooter takes about an hour to charge).

Rashan Jamal said...

just when I think I've read everything that could possibly happen in a public library... I read this one. Wow

Nexgrl said...

I don't think they've come up with an acceptable solution here. He was removed from my floor last week because other patrons complained about his odor.
Remarkable, amazing things happen everyday, I just don't write about all of them.