Thursday, February 08, 2007

Where is the paper shredder when you need it?

My first hour on the reference desk was spent listening to this woman tear notebook paper into shreds. I don't know how many notebooks she had, but it seemed as if the sound of paper tearing would never end.

My co-worker kept walking away from the desk and going back to the staff area, in hopes that she would be done when he returned.........Nope, she was still there each time, just shredding away.

We were afraid to give her a pair of scissors. The only type of scissors we are allowed to give patrons are child proof, but we still feared that she might harm herself or someone else.

Finally, with ten minutes left on the desk, she stopped.........................Walked to the desk and returned a pair of SCISSORS that one of the librarians must have given her the previous hour.


TrinaBeingTrina said...

People can do some crazy shit that just drives you crazy!!!

Tenacious said...

See I wouldve had to beat her down

Milliscent Morgan said...

Using scissors by cutting papers is really hard task so why don't you try to use paper shredder for easy way of shredding.

Ruby said...

I can just imagine the scene, and I think I'll find myself getting pissed off as well. Although I feel sorry for the girl as she needed to do that by herself. A shredding machine would definitely solve her problem. Well, she have at least thought of using a pair of scissors. I hope that one lessened her stress somehow.

Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management