Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dude told me that I couldn't make him leave

The patron told me," You can't tell me to leave, only security can tell me to leave."

At that point, I realized the man is ignorant and I wasn't going to bother explaining the rules and regulations of the library to him.

1. Any staff member can request that a patron leave if they are violating the rules and regulations. If they fail to leave, we are then required to call security and have them escorted out of the building.

It all started when I tried to explain to the patron why he couldn't use the terminal he had selected. Someone prior to him had logged onto the computer and left for whatever reasons. Another patron came along and put the terminal on standby. This means that for ten minutes, the only person allowed to log onto the computer is the one who signed on initially.

Dude proceeded to argue me down. When I returned to the reference desk, HE SHUT THE COMPUTER DOWN. So what he was doing is saying F**k you, I am doing what I want.

At that point, I returned to the patron and said, " Because you chose to disregard what I said and shut down the computer, you must leave!" I said it twice. He then gave me the statement that began this entry.

It just so happend that one of the security guards had just gotten off the elevator. I worked with her in another department in this city. She is well aware of how tolerant I am.



mrs.tj said...

LOL! He was being an ASS. He was probably having a bad day so he wanted to make yours worse. Holla!

P said...

I get the impression that his personality is like that all around. I can spot them a mile away. Most people like that are intent upon making a ruckus.

I'm not talking about standing up for yourself or being passive, I'm talking about GP starting stuff for the sake of doing so.

I get the impression that he was not a brother, but I could be WRONG.