Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sometimes, I think patrons ask questions for shock value

Patron: Can you direct me to a section?

Me: Hopefully.

Patron: Where are the sex books?

Me: I believe that they are on the next floor up, in the 600's but I will get a title for you.

Patron: I don't mean fiction!

Me: I know, you would like a manual; something like K*rma S*tra

Patron: Yeah. You know I feel like libraries are where knowledge is.

(I continued to search the catalog with the same response that I give everyone)

As I was waiting for the printout, the patron stated,"You know I feel powerful in a green
leather jacket[as he tugged on the lapel of said jacket.]"

1 comment:

Knockout Zed said...

What the fuck?!?

I don't like random assed people, so I would probably suck at your gig. Seriously.