Sunday, January 11, 2009

An unsoliticited suggestion

A patron approached me at the reference desk and asked if we have Ethernet cables to loan out. I told her that we didn't. She went on to tell me that we should. She said, "When you go through the trouble of packing up your laptop and coming down here, only to discover that you keep getting bumped off of the WI-fi. Then, you don't have your Ethernet cable. It would really help if you had those. That is my suggestion!"

All I said was okay. I was thinking, "Why, so that those can get stolen?"


Doret said...

Thats like customers getting upset the bookstore I work at doesn't offer free internet access. Why so you can buy your books at Amazon or Or maybe you want to stay all day and keep getting hot tea refills on that old tea bag. Go the hell home to use the internet. They think its some community hang out, its a freakin bussiness.

Monique said...

Lol... The library sounds like retail. To funny.

I just wanted to let you know that I am giving you the butterfly award. You can find it on my blog:

Tenacious said...

We give out ethernet cables at my hotel however we get the guests who complain because the "free" cables we give them aren't long enough...How are you going to complain about something you get for free?

Ugh people..glad to see people are still wilding out in the library :)

@ Nxtgrl

Actually I did send him an email when I got home...he didn't reply back though :(

bglen said...


Rashan Jamal said...

Smile and say thank you... and then blog about it when they leave. LOL

Nexgrl said...

They also get mad because they can't eat in the library. They would stay all day, read the books that they want to purchase, and surf the net, if your store had Wi-fi.
Thank you for the nomination.
We are similar to retail. They just don't have to purchase anything.
All day, everyday.
I will take your advice. In that moment, all I could do was say, "Un huh."