Monday, February 09, 2009

Still able

I went to work last Sunday, even though I felt awful. I knew we always have a tight desk rotation for the librarians. I sounded about as bad as I felt.
Our regular OED man called and said after I answered his question, "YOU SOUND BAD, You need to take care of that." Our resident don't come to work at all librarian even asked me why I came to work. She even asked me if I would be at work on Monday. I explained to her that the desk schedule would be just as tight on Monday. She then said, "I guess you need to not let that be your problem!"

I stayed home on Monday and Tuesday. I came to work on Wednesday and the first thing my supervisor said to me is, "You look and sound bad!". I was actually was feeling better than I had in a few days and told him so.
OED man called and told me, "You sound better, but I know you can sound a WHOLE LOT BETTER!". I said, "Wow thanks!"
This week, I feel better. I'm still congested and sound like it too. I keep hearing, "Oh, YOU SOUND BAD, but you do sound better than you did last week.


bglen said...

hey sis, take care, been missing u

Rashan Jamal said...

I hope you get a WHOLE LOT BETTER!

Nexgrl said...

Thanks. It's a sinus infection

ME TOO. Thank you.

Tenacious said...

what is it about being sick that people have to point out how terrible you look/ if you didn't know that already?

Like I need a reminder that I sound like froggy from the little rascal & look like a stunt double for celie from the color purple


Get well soon!!

Nexgrl said...

Thank you, I really feel a lot better today. You did describe me to a t.

Anonymous said...

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