Friday, March 13, 2009

No internet connection

I turned on my computer, clicked the "e," and ......nothing. I called tech support, followed all of the mundane instructions and still nothing. I was told to keep my call back line free for 1 hour.

I wanted to tell you about yesterday. I had to get LOUD and act UGLY.
My 1st hour @the reference desk, a patron approached me complaing about a computer. He said that he reserved the computer and it wouldn't allow him access. I said, "Are you sure that you reserved this terminal?". He said, "Yes.". I suggested that we check. It turned out that his reservation was for terminal #308, instead of #309. We walked over to 308 and an old man was sitting there and refused to get up. He was trying to stall until the guy's reservation expired. He told me, "If the computer is reserved, it will tell me so, when I try to log on." I told him that the computer didn't let him log on, so he needed to move. He repeated his speach again. After his third attempt at logging on, I reached around him and shut the computer off. He then turned to me and said, "THAT'S JUST WRONG!". I replied, "NO, WHAT'S WRONG, IS THAT YOU REFUSED TO MOVE. YOU NOW NEED TO MOVE. YOU CAN USE 309, BUT YOU CANNOT USE THIS TERMINAL. MOVE NOW!!!"
All of the patrons were watching the whole thing. It was so quiet when I finished yelling. The next person that I told to stop eating, simply shook her head.


Dope Fiend said...

awwwwwwwwwww u shouted at an old man.

they're like kids, insolent n shhh. LOL
no so cool hahaha...

i would have gotten stressed too.

Anonymous said...

Whew, they took you there, huh. Yelling in the library, lol. Hey, sometimes you gotta get loud to get heard.

Jazzy said...

You yelled but you were still polite...they didn't make you go sista gurl on 'em! lol

bglen said...

shulda knocked him outta da chair and said excuse me sir

"well, allow me to retort"

Nexgrl said...

@Dope Fiend,
I really tried not to yell. Whenever have to deal with the elderly, I always think about the fact that I will get there one day.

That incident messed up the rest of my day.

I save the "hand on hip and neck twirling" for the the teenagers. Some of them don't seem to react until you take it there.

Oh, how I wanted to move him, but I like receiving a paycheck every two weeks.