Thursday, April 02, 2009

He was salty because my response wasn't timely

Midway into my shift, I usually get a mild stress headache. It always seems to lift once I return to my cubicle.

So this patron who was using a computer two tables away from the reference desk, yells, "Hey, um yeah. Hey. I'm not on the phone, I'm talking to you."

I looked at him, turned my head, paused for a minute, and then decided to get up. I go over to where he is and he's complaining about the government websites being too slow. Well the computer was frozen, and I decided to reboot it. The patron said, "Well, I was through using it anyway!"


Sha Boogie said...

He was done with it but had you come over anyway??


He deserved a good ol' fashioned 'boy, bye!'

Nexgrl said...

I was so through with that man at that point. I had already told him that he couldn't use his cell phone, and he insisted that he was on hold.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Ouch, some people just have no clue.

Nexgrl said...

Thanks for stopping by. That's the story with some of the patrons everyday. I don't know why people can't exercise patience for something that is free.

Martini Mayhem said...

wow! I just don't have the words for that one. The nerve of some people lol.

Nexgrl said...

@Martini Mayhem
Patrons like that are oh so common.