Saturday, August 22, 2009

What is the use of a security guard

Mondays, we open @10:00a.m. I was on the desk @11:00a.m., a man yelled down the stairs to security from my floor, "SECURITY, STOP THAT MAN, HE JUST PUNCHED ME!!!!"

Tuesday, it was a fight on my 3rd floor, security was called and of course, they took their sweet time responding.

Wednesday, this old man got mad at me because I didn't understand what he was saying. He would ask me a question, and then start mumbling. I had to ask him more than once what he was talking about.

He said, " You know Stanford and T......S.....U...." I said, "What about Stanford and TSU?" He then said, "You" I asked, "Pictures of what?" He said, "Stanford." I asked, "What kind of pictures of Stanford?" He began yelling and mumbling again, "You know, history and the picture of the school." I decided that I wanted to get him out of my face because he stunk, and he was yelling. I printed out the information for Stanford and TSU, stappled it, and gave it to him." I thought that would make him go away.....No, he continued to stand there. After 5 minutes, he said, "I'm waiting on you to give me the information for the other school." I told him that I had given him the information for both schools. He finally left.

Thursday, when I went to the reference desk in the afternoon, I saw a Shim who we've had problems with in the past. Propper clothing seems to be a problem. Security gave a warning before, because revealing booty shorts were the norm. After the warning, the Shim began wearing long jeans. Obviously attention was the desire was that day because the Shim was wearing jeans that had spits in the back up to the thigh. Then there was a tear that looked to be self made, along the butt crack.

I called security and asked them who allowed that in the building. The Shim was walking down the stairs. The Shim stopped at the landing between the 3rd and the 2nd floor. The Shim did a spin and then a booty shake, so that everyone on the first floor could see the tear in butt.

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