Saturday, September 19, 2009

There's a trend with some of my co-workers

There are two individuals who come to mind. One is the resident "druggy," and the other is "Ms. Whiney." Their attendance is so bad, that they have to wait until payday, to see if they have enough vacation or sick pay, so that they can skip work the next day.

This past Thursday, it was Ms. Whiney, but she had company, two others decided to play hookey also. This meant long hours on the reference desk. A man attached himself to me, and everytime that he saw me at the refrence desk, he had to ask me a question. It didn't matter that I could only understand every third word that he was saying. He was so out of it, he would start a question, pause, start again, pause, and then say, "Oh nevermind!" He would then walk around the floor, come back, and start the process all over again. He would alternate between that and going to another floor, then coming back about 20 minutes later.

I just wanted the day to be over in the worst way.

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