Friday, January 29, 2010

Economy fallout

In November, the residents of the city received post cards, saying that the local community college wouldn't be sending class schedules via snail mail anymore. We were advised to search the colleges online class schedule. Unfortunately for us, the general public didn't think that post card applied to the library.

In the past, the library system has received vast quantities of schedules for universities and community colleges in the area.

This year, we were told that the schedules would be printed on a as needed basis, and very little would be distributed. I made a special request for 150, because I felt we've received far too many in the past. Of course, we ran out long before the Spring Semester start date(last week.) Patrons have been calling and hanging up in our faces, when told that we don't have any. The patron who walk in, have been yelling, and taking it out on us. They aren't even trying to hear that the same information can be found on the schools website.

***When the number of class schedules got low, I set aside two copies for the reference desk*****Patrons get an attitude and don't want to look at those copies either.