Thursday, January 07, 2010

This situation had me confussed for a while

For about a year, a flaming gentleman would always say "HEY BABY," whenever he saw me. I in turn, would always look at him as if he had lost his marbles. This man is rail thin and dyes his hair "Bozo The Clown" red.

The first time he said, "HEY BABY, HOW'RE YOU DOING TODAY?" to me I was at the reference desk with my supervisor. My supervisor turned to me and said, "Is there something that I've been missing here?"

Finally, two weeks ago, the guy approached me while I was helping a patron at the reference desk. He interrupted the conversation without excusing himself and said, "I NEED SOME HELP AT THE COMPUTER."

I said, "You will have to wait because I'm helping another patron right now."

He said, " Awww Aida, you gon do me like that after everything we've been through."


He said, "Aida(whispering)"

I said, "THAT IS NOT MY NAME!" That's the African American Librarian who works on
on the 4th floor. She is at least 10-15 years older than me.

He walked to the other side of the reference desk and asked the other librarian for help(he wasn't busy anyway.)


Jazzy said...

lol...just another day with the crzies at the reference desk!

Nexgrl said...

The guy is a trip because he hasn't said anything else to me since that day.