Thursday, August 05, 2010

Are evil thoughts okay?

This evening, I had to wake a patron who had fallen asleep while at one of the internet computers.
I knocked on the table near him, he didn't budge. I took a reference book from the index table and threw it down on the table near the patron. He still didn't budge. I walked toward the reference desk(I was going to call security,) and one of the observers yelled that the patron had finally awakened.
I returned to the patron's side and told him that he had slept through his internet session and needed to move.

Instead of believing me, the patron continued to sit in front of the computer. He was trying to log in and use the time that he slept through.

While trying to wake the patron, I thought, "Now if I kick him, he'll wake up and I'll be in the wrong!"

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