Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Staff Meetings

I detest them. All I ask is that they be forever cancelled. Librarians, in my experience can drag a topic out. Why should it take over 20 minutes to discuss the first item on the agenda. The meeting was only an hour and there were 6 items on the agenda.

That's just and example from today.

I must admit that I'm the reason for the first item on the agenda. Last month, I answered a patron's email question. He wanted to know why the books that he was interested in, were library use only. Well, he happened to want to check out HIGH THEFT ITEMS. This is the reason they've become library use only and are shelved in the staff area. What subject could these books possible fall under you ask? Why they are extraterrestial, occult, things of that nature.

What did the patron do? I answered the question using my work email account. The patron contacted me this month with a borrower services problem. In bold type the email said, since I gave such a quick and thorough response previously, he just knew that I would do so again.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

He sounds like a straight up weirdo! I abhor staff meetings!! That was the bane of my existance at one job! This one female supervisor wanted to meet 2 - 3 times a week! About nothing!!! I hated her and the meetings. Everybody quit because of her.

Nexgrl said...

Dude has taken weird to the extreme. People have begun taking the 2nd Tuesday of the month off, because of the boring meeting. I don't think they'll quit. Some of my co-workers have worked in the same department, in the same job classification, for 30+ years.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

This was a position I had right out of college armed with my degree hoping to change the world in non profit! Everybody quit because they could and it was good to that same fool ran everybody away, they lost their funding and the center closed!!! No 30 year plan there! LOL! I canNOT see myself doing that. 30+ in the same place?? Oh Gawd!