Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The nerve of her

Yesterday, one of the major vacation hogs approached me. She wanted to know if I was willing to give up my vacation day(this Sunday.)

I told her no and kept it moving. When I mentioned the conversation to my co-worker(who sit next to me,) she said that she
had been approached also.

The woman who approached us is ALWAYS on vacation. She takes the time from Thanksgiving until New Year's every year. If she changes her mind about vacation, she will cancel at the last minute.


Jazzy said...

smh...even if i had nothing to do and COULD switch with her, I wouldn't. she sounds inconsiderate!

Nexgrl said...

I don't have anything planned. I just need a break. She is always taking Sundays off.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Yeah she would just have too suck it up! No go! Enjoy your vacay sounds like it's needed and well deserved!

Nexgrl said...

@Gorgeous Puddin
I gave my supervisor a heads up. I wanted him to be prepared for her to call-in sick. My staycation has already been strange. Swollen leg, ankle, and foot. My Mom stalking me because I'm at home and have done NOTHING.