Monday, July 04, 2011

What I learned while trying to grill this evening

I went to a BBQ two Sundays ago, and I went to another one this past Saturday. Those two events inspired me to BBQ today. This isn't something I do often, because I hate the way the smell gets in your clothes and your hair. I just end up feeling grimy.

On to what I learned. I lit the charcoal bricks and the flames grew fast. I threw the cover on the grill and the flames died just as fast. I mean very few bricks glowing. Those that were glowing, were barely hanging on. These were the pre-treated bricks. You are supposed to be able to light them and not worry about your fire.

The fire kept going in and out. I tried lighting paper and tossing it in with the charcoal, nothing happened.

Finally, I asked my Mom what did they do before lighter fluid. She told me that her grandmother threw bacon grease on charcoal before lighting it. We didn't have any bacon grease. Low and behold, vegetable oil works just as good. That fire was burning in no time flat. The smell isn't as gross as that of lighter fluid.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I love BBQ's!! LOVE them! I'm going to try the oil thing! I want to learn to Que myself because there are some recipes that I want to try and I don't want a dude to always do it for me! I was successful maybe twice...

SimplyB said...

I am definitely going to try this method. I love to grill!

Jazzy said...

lol I'm laughing that you asked your mother what they did before lighter fluid like she's so old. lol. but she knew, so go figure. i am definitely going to try this...when i win the megamillion and can afford to buy a home with a backyard in NYC.

Nexgrl said...

@Gorgeous Puddin
I don't really like to grill. My Mom or my sister usually does the grilling. I will take meat to my sister's for her to grill, but she wasn't in town.
I only used it because the pre-treated bricks were too old. I usually get those bags that you can light. Vegtable is a good alternative to stinky lighter fluid.
My Mom is old and she was raised by her grandmother and great grandmother, so I know she has some valuable information stored in that brain. I was in the backyard, but there is a ghetto family on my block that BBQs on the sidewalk in front of their house. I can tell when they've been at it, I can smell lighter fluid inside my house. I life a half block from them.