Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm glad that it wasn't me!

Yesterday morning, the teen librarian was checking the teen center, to make sure everything was okay. You know, no perverts hanging out, no criminal behavior, things of that nature.

What you ask did she stumble upon for me to entitle this post "I'm glad it wasn't me?"

As she cleared the stacks, she saw two teens, a male and a female. The male was sitting on the desk facing the female. The female was sitting in a chair facing the male. Her head was in his lap.............FACE DOWN.........Yes, you read that correctly.

Sitting near them were some develop mentally disabled adults and their monitor.

What did the librarian do, you're wondering? She screamed, "WHAT THE HELL DO ARE YOU DOING!!!" She starttled the teens, knocked the monitor out of her daze, and caused the security officer to run over to the area.

The security officer took over the situation from there.........The teens claimed that the female was simply "resting her head."

The teen librarian felt guilty the rest of yesterday and most of today. She said it was because of the way in which she reacted. I told her that I thought it was the way in which I think a lot of librarian's would react. Today, I told her that I don't curse, but I'm pretty sure that I would have yelled.

Today, the teens returned. When the same librarian approached them because they were yelling, the male told her that she should appologize for her language yesterday. She did appologize to the teens, and they in turn appologized to her. They're sticking to their story that all the female was doing, was resting her head in the male's lap, face down.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Oh my word! The kids! SMH!!! To the teen girl..Why is your head resting in his lap?? As a young lady out in public either way THAT is inappropriate. Do you not have respect for yourself?

I WISH it had been me! She would've been so embarrassed when I finished with her. That kind of behavior irks me so much! Girls are allowing themselves to be disrespected at an alarming rate.

Let me stop! Woo Saahhhh! LOL!

Nexgrl said...

I don't know if it happens at every library. I do know that our teen center is in a corner on my floor. You can't see directly into the center from the reference desk. You have to walk over there. A door leading to the staff area is at the edge of the teen center.

The most I've ever caught was kissing and sitting on each others lap.

Anonymous said...

what the hell classes as cursing? wow. I would have reacted the same, maybe not so abruptly but gosh that is gross