Monday, November 07, 2011

Why did you even show up?

Sundays the library's hours are 12noon until 5pm. My co-worker arrived at noon and left at 2pm. She was complainig
About a sore throat. Now we all know that if it was sore at noon, it was sore when you woke up.

Today, yet another co-worker announces at 9:15am that she's leaving to go to the docter and will return by 1pm. We start work at 9am and the library opens at 10am on Momdays.

Both of these women left me wondering why they even bothered to come to work.

Yes, they both have a history of calling-in sick. I can't believe they think leaving early is much better than calling in sick. In both
instances, they are causing a shortage in reference desk coverage.

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