Thursday, December 15, 2011

Too Good To Be True

My first week in my new position went well. The second week reminded me why I was hesitant to have the same person as my manager again. ****Key Point to this senario: The Library Tech is the backbone to any branch library or any library department*** My schedule has me working the first two days of my work week at another branch library. My first day of the week at my branch library is Thursday. On Thursdays, I work at my branch from 9am-12:30pm. I open the branch alone at 10am. The Library Tech arrives at 10:30am. This past Thursday, 10:30am came and went. Finally, at 11:30am, I called the Tech at home. She informed me that she had been home sick since Monday afternoon. She said that she left work Monday afternoon and went to the emergency room. She also tells me that the District Manager is supposed to cover for her. This means that the District Manager will be at the branch by 12:30pm, when I was scheduled to leave. After speaking with the Tech, I called the District Manager and left a message. By 12noon, I still hadn't heard from the District Manager, so I sent her an email, because she may not have been in the office. I called the other branch where I was scheduled to be at 2:00pm. I told them the situation, and they said not to worry, just get there whenever. I hadn't heard anything by 1pm, when the Page arrived. 2 minutes after 1, the District Manager calls, "Oh, I didnt go to work today, my daughter is sick. You should have called the office for coverage." The part-time adult librarian was scheduled to arrive at 2:30pm, so I told the the district manager that I would stay until she arrived. The other librarian arrived early, so I left. At 5:30pm, I received a call from the district office; the timecards were due. The Library Tech normally handles this, but she had been out sick all week. I asked if I could turn them in on Friday to Payroll, becuase that was the actual deadline. At 6pm(when my day is over,) I caught the bus back to my branch. When I arrived, the pt.Adult Librarian informed me that the district manager was down the hall at the Friends Of The Library meeting. She told them to tell me that she was available to help with the timesheets, if I needed it(she didn't do the timesheets when I worked with her, she didn't know how.) 30 minutes later, I finished the timesheets and went down the hall to meet the Friends Of The Library group. I wasn't able to print the timesheets. The District Manager told me not to worry about it, since I emailled them to her, she would print them out, sign them and turn them in to payroll. I had something for her though. I not only emailed them to her, I emailled them to all of the payroll clerks that need copies. I didn't want her to try and take credit for my overtime. I was able to print out a timesheet for the pages, but the program wasn't working for one person. I had to pencil in the correct information. The District Manager didn't turn in the timesheets on Friday morning. Friday afternoon, after our meeting, she asked me to make the same manual changes that I did the day before.

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