Thursday, March 29, 2012

2 Days Notice.......Just Wow

Yesterday, the Library Technical Assistant at my branch informed me that the director of the Y(district vice president) where we are housed, informed her that they want the library to close for 1 week in April 2012. I don't normally work there on Wednesdays, but I stopped by to drop off receipt paper. When I received the news, I said, now she knows that she signed the contract for the library to rent this space with the dirstrict manager. Therefore all issues regarding things like this should be brought to her. Well, the district manager is on vacation until mid April. Why do they want us to close, you ask? Well, they plan to remove the ceiling tiles that just happen to contain asbestos. The director said, "Oh, you guys can remove some of the library collection downstairs, so that the library can open down there for a week. Please talk to the manager(me.) First of all a decision that big, isn't my call. I sent the Chief of Branches an email, because he wasn't in the office. He even said that he needed to address the problem with the library administration. I am so ready for the library to vacate that building.

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Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Wow! First off Asbestos!! Really! 2nd yeah they need to do better with their communication skills.