Monday, October 01, 2012

Management,s downside

There is a YT man who visits the branch that I'm assigned to temporarily. He has decided to harass me. Saturday took the cake, he called me racist(which he seems to be,) and on his way down the stairs, he called me a Black Bitch and then a Racist Black Bitch. In his tirade, he said some key words that let me know he has been down this road before. His actions this past Saturday will grant him a 30 day suspension, once security is able to serve him the notice. I was unable to complete this incident report that will alert security and managaement of this individual before I left work on Saturday. I'm off for the next few days, so I will complete the incident report from home and submitt it. So far, that's two individuals that have decided to target me. How do I know this, each of them will case the reference desk before they settle in on me. If I am helping someone, they will wait until I'm free. Atfer the initial reference interview, the harassment begins. In each case, the individual did not become aware of my management status until they became angered by me refusal to forgo library policy to accommodate them. It goes a little something like this, " I want to speak with the person in charge." The YT man from Saturday, " I want to speak with the highest classification on duty." (he has been down this road before because that it library jargin) In each instance, they found out that it was me and said, " I will file a complaint against you." My response, "That is well within your rights."


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Girl!! I don't envy you at all. Once again my tolerance for ignorance is at a low. Somebody would get cussed out. I would probably be fired.
I feel bad for you. You are a magnanimous person. :)

Nexgrl said...

Thank you GP. I haven't seen the guy since. I also haven't been there much between vacation days and being sent to provide coverage at other locations.