Sunday, June 07, 2015

They need to just stop!

A few weeks ago, an elderly gentleman approached me at the reference desk.  He proceeded to show me a prescription and say, "I have a prescription for blue pills."  I looked at the prescription and then the patron, and said, " OKAAAAY!"

The patron showed me a brochure and said, "I went to C*S pharmacy and they told me that I have to get my prescription filled online.  I don't know anything about computers.  They told me to go to the public library."

I advised the elderly gentleman to apply for a library card.  Once he obtained the library card, I helped him log onto the computer and the online pharmacy.  The patron told me that he did not know what else to do.  I continued to help the patron order blue pills online.

The entire time that I helped the patron, I thought " Is this really what this profession has become?  I can't believe that I went to graduate school for this!"

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