Monday, December 18, 2006

Sometimes..... it just takes me a minute

This woman walks up to the Reference desk and asks me if anyone turned in a cell phone because she left it on the table with her belongings and it was gone when she returned.

I check the lost and found box behind the reference desk and call security to see if a purple cell phone has been turned in. As I turn to check for the phone, she says, "It's not turned on." (that was my first clue) No sign of the cell phone in either place and I report my findings to the patron.

She then says, "Well, something needs to be done." I inform her that she can make a report and she says that's what she wants to do. Security usually sends an officer to take the report, but not today. Chick that answered the telephone told me to tell the patron to go downstairs and make the report.

I told the patron that she must go downstairs and make the report. She told me that all her stuff is at the desk where she was sitting and she can't leave it. I told her that she must pack up her stuff and go downstairs to make the report. That was fiftten minutes after the hour.

Every fifteen minutes thereafter, the patron came to the desk and asked me if a purple cell phone had been turned in. She had a hot pink cell phone holder clipped to her pants. The last time she asked, she also asked if we had a book on how to file a police report on people in the library who steal cell phones. I said, "Not on this floor."

I admitt, I wasn't paying any attention to the woman. It took her second trip to the reference desk for me to realize something was wrong. She made no attempt to go downstairs and I never saw where she was sitting or any belongs (other than the cell phone holder.)

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