Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Of all days, I fail to wear the "ring."

I have a QVC Diamonique and Yellow Gold Wedding Set that I wear while at work. The need for this arose when I first began my career as a librarian. In the community college libraries, young men from 18-32 would make passes, ask me out, etc.

I began wearing a 2 carat engagement ring. When I began working full-time in the public library, I purchased the wedding set. It is a 3 carat solitare with a 1/2 carat of surrounding bagets, and a 1 carat band.

I forgot to wear it ALL DAY today. No problems, until the last hour on the desk. A man who has made passes in the past decided to try a full court press today. He was drunk and you know alcohol brings out the truth, courage, or whatever you want to call it.

He says, "You're married huh!!"

Me, "Yes."

Him, "You lie, where's your ring."

Me, "I left it in the back."

Him, "Tell your husband that I said he is a lucky man, so he won't get mad at me for making a
pass at you."

Me, " I will, as soon as I return to my desk."

Him, "I am really attracted to you because you are real. You are the type of woman that I need. You know I have money."

Me, " What did you do today?"

He continued to tell me how much he is attracted to me. Finally, I tell him, "You still haven't
answered the question that I asked you."

Him, "What did you ask me?"

So, I asked him again.

He says, " I have been drinking."

I respond, " I know."

He asks, "How did you know?"

I tell him, " I can smell it on your breath."

Him, "That is embarrassing."


mrs.tj said...

LOL! I just don't understand why drunk people go to the library. And you know sometimes that wedding ring will actually attract men. LOL! go figure. Holla!

M.Dot. said...

Straight checkin' 'em ma!

Nexgrl said...

Not only do they come into the library, but they must check their e-mail. Each time that I have to help one who is drunk or high because they can't log onto the computer, I think, "the JUST SAY NO CAMPAIGN NEEDS TO BE REINSTATED" And, why is it always the library's problem because they forgot their password, or they are typing in the numbers wrong because they can't see them.

This goes on almost twice a month.