Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yeah, I know...............................

It's day two of the computer shut down on one half of the floor. There are signs posted on every terminal, both internet and online catalog. The signs say that there will be a telephone and computer connection upgrade and this computer is not in service at this time.

It in addition to that sign posted on each and every terminal that isn't in service, there is a sign written in red posted at the reference desk. The sign says the following:

For all internet and online catalog use, please go to the
International side of this floor. You may also go to the
4th or 5th floors.

I was at that desk for two hours yesterday. I watched patrons read the signs and approach me to ask, " So, is there an internet computer on this side of the room that I can use?"

Today's FUNNY: I watched a man with an Orange shirt and jeans exit the elevator and read the signs. His blue jeans were made into flare legs because orange and yellow striped triangles had been inserted into the lower portion of each leg.

There is a display of work done by an openly gay artist on display in front of the reference desk. The man described above saunters over to the display, reads it, and states to no one in particular, " Is this a GAY THING? Why is EVERYTHING gay up in here?"

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