Sunday, November 11, 2007

And I asked the chic, not once but twice

The story goes like this.............This past Wednesday, I asked a co-worker known for calling in sick..........(just because she has accumulated enough sick leave,) if she would be at work today. Sundays are difficult days for reference desk coverage.

So, she called in sick. That wouldn't be bad except, she left work early last Sunday. Then, she called in sick last Monday.

It would have been easier if we had known in advance that she wasn't going to be here. I asked her becuase tomorrow is a holiday for us. It has been my experience that those prone to call in sick almost always do so the work day before a holiday.

I'll just wait and see if they talk to her about this. What she didn't count on was that today is the day that our floor manager was scheduled to work.

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Knockout Zed said...

As a manager, I fuckin' HATE people like this. I can predict with an uncanny accuracy which jackasses will call in sick on which days.

Then, when it's time for a performance evaluation, they tend to get upset when I call 'em on it.