Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My day started out with a bang

My first hour on the reference desk. This man runs over to the desk and yells for me to call security.

A woman had parked herself in front of his computer and proceeded to use. She refused to get up and he wanted her gone immediately(this was on the opposite side of the floor from me.)

When the librarian who was working the desk with me arrived, the same patron yelled that she should call security again because they were taking too long( not two minutes had passed.)

He returned to the desk two more times yelling and screeming that if security didn't hurry up, he was going to remove the woman himself.

In the mean time, the woman was yelling and screeming at him to come over and move her.

2 1/2 minutes and security had arrived three deep. The female patron began talking even more mess, she called them "toy" cops and said they weren't going to do anything to her because they couldn't send her to jail. She taunted them saying,"It's taking three of you to secure one of me."
"Ain't nobody going to do anything to me. All they did the other day was send me to the hospital!"

She called the two female security guards "n's", "black b**ches," and told them not to touch her. In my opinion, that was just the kettle calling the pot black.

By this time, the police sargent had arrived and the patron had quieted. She was still fighting.

There was a group of male and female teenagers from job corps and I heard one of them yell, "MAN, this is better than COPS!"


Knockout Zed said...

How come this blog is the most slept on in HISTORY? Am I the only one up on this thing?

The library is GANGSTA!!!


Jazzy said...

I was thinking that EXACT same thing...this library is DEFINITELY gangsta!!!

crackin the hell up @ "Man, this is better than COPS!"

Nexgrl said...

@Zed & O.Diva
There are days when I wonder why
I picked this location.
Stuff jumps off outside the entrance, so you have to dodge folks in order to enter the building.
And Please don't arrive at
work on time------
There is a stampede when the doors
open to the public(our staff elevator isn't working.)

I don't know why I have gone
unnoticed, but thank you for
visiting. There are a few

Jazzy said...

I'm about to add you to the blogroll. So if you see some strange folks roll through, you can blame me. lol

Nexgrl said...