Monday, December 03, 2007

I got a propossal yesterday

This guy came to the desk in need of help on the computer. He wanted to know how to print the page that he was viewing. I explained the print process to him and returned to the desk.

Man.......He came to the desk again. This time,.......he wanted to know how to add money to his library card. I explained what he needed to do. He then asked me to walk him through the process. I get up to go show him what he needed to do. He stops me and says, " I left my bag and everything at the computer, I can't leave."

I was tired of the back and forth, so I said, " Come back when your computer time is up and I will tell you what to do so that you can retrieve your print job."

50 minutes passes, and dude returned to the desk. I explained the process once again. He then says, "Can't you just go over there with me and walk me through the process? I'm sure it's probaby easy, but please help a brotha out?"

We get to the copy machine and he says, "You know that I am Special Ed."

He finally has money on his card and is at the print station. He turns to me at the desk, " Can you come over here and tell me what I have to do again?"

So I walked over there with a look that said, "Now What???" He looked at me and said, " So, when do you want to get married because I need someone like you?"

I didn't look at him, nor did I say anything. I guess he took that as encouragement, because he asked me again. I turned around and returned to the desk without acknowledging what he had said.


Jazzy said...

Oh God! He sounds like he is indeed "special"!!!!!

I haaaaaaaaaaate people who ALWAYS need help and by help I mean people who always want you to do stuff for them!

Nexgrl said...

Yes, he is special. He returned the next day. When he saw that I was working the Reference desk, he asked my coworker to help him.

I agree with you on people who want you to do their work for them. A part of my duties include showing people how to search for books, book computer time, etc. What the patrons don't realize is that my job description says that I must show you, not do it for you.

I have gotten cursed out and called everything except a child of god. All because I will tell someone in a minute," my duties don't include doing your work/assignment for you!"

Jazzy said...

Wow...lmao@him returning and then choosing not to ask you for help!

Knockout Zed said...

You're mean. You shoulda married the brotha and had a buncha "challenged but lovely" kids.


Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Hmmmm, I think dude was a Weenie, good way to shit on him.

B.Good said...

Ok, I already had issue with him even making that statement (as if you'd wanna serve his slow-ass needs for the rest of your days), but then he had the nerve to repeat it???

Eb the Celeb said...

lmao... I didnt realized libraries were so entertaining... I've read a couple posts and I am cracking up over here...

Nexgrl said...

That's why I didn't even respond.

There are plenty of laughs. Most of the time you can only find the humor when you are reviewing the situation.