Thursday, December 20, 2007

Reason #1

Yesterday afternoon, I was at the reference desk with the floor manager. A woman approached the floor manager and asked him if he had seen her daughter. This is what I heard before I tuned the conversation out..........

Parton, "I dropped my daughter off because I had a meeting and told her that I would pick her
up in two hours, she is 14. In the meantime, I lost my cellular telephone and I
have been calling her from pay telephones. She hasn't answered any of the times
that I tried to reach her."

I tuned them out because I had too many comments.....

1. She is 14, she could have stayed at home.

2. What makes you think that she is still at the library if you said that you
would pick her up in two hours. You didn't walk her in here and show her
where you wanted her to wait, how do you know that she even came in here?

3. She probably isn't answering the calls from the pay telephone because she
doesn't answer calls from telephone numbers that she doesn't recognize.

4. Did you leave her a voicemail message telling her that you were trying to
locate her?
Needless to say, the patron left the library after speaking with the floor manager. All he told her to do was look in the teen center.


YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

Hmmmmmmm.....yeah, she's 14 and hopefully, more than capable of staying home alone without burning down the house. The library isn't a daycare center, so my money's on the girl waiting until momma got out of sight, then hopped in a car with one of her friends.

Hopefully, all the kid suffered was a tongue lashing. Predators don't care anything about worried parents, nor a teen's curiosity... if that was the case.

Anonymous said...

I have a question from a librarians point of view. I checked out a book the other day at my local branch and the asian snooty whore, gave my book the once over and turned up her nose - like I was the latest superhead book...but it that standard protocol from the check out person?

Rashan Jamal said...

At 14 she could be anywhere. I'm mad she thought that y'all were babysitting her.

Jazzy said...

Obviously there's a reason her mother dropped her off at the library instead of leaving her home...KID CAN'T BE TRUSTED!

I agree with Rashan though...I can't believe she thought y'all were supposed to babysit her damn teenager!

PS: Meeting for two azz!

Nexgrl said...

Those are all thoughts that ran through my mind. I have seen the preverts fist hand posted in here. I would trust a branch library before a main downtown one. In a smaller branch, the librarians would know if the child even entered the building.

Unfortunately, the library is full of snobs. I personally try not to comment on anyone's choice of reading material, except the true crime stories. I usually just ask the person how they can stomach the graphic descriptions of the horror.

The use of the library and its staff as a substitute babysitter is wide spread.

I agree that the child probably couldn't be trusted, but she can't be trusted at the library either.
Yeah, that two hour meeting statement got me also.

B.Good said...

Well, I can understand the lady asking the question. At least she didn't get belligerent with the floor manager for not knowing where her daughter was. Hope she found her!

Nexgrl said...

I hope she found her daughter also.