Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What does it look like to you?

To ward off harrassment or having to say,"I'm not interested at ALL;" I usually wear this ring on my left ring finger. Last week, a man I had been helped for a minute (who stared me up and down the whole time,) asked me, "So, are you married."

It is so bad, that I keep the set in my wallet at all times.

This is the one I wear whenever I have on white gold accessories. Fortunately/Unfortunately, my ex-boyfriend pops in on my job enough for this to be believeable. We can usually be seen arguing.


Doret said...

I like the second ring better. Its more subtle. Which one works better?

Nexgrl said...

Doret, I like the second one also,but it is the more valuable one and I don't wear it to work often. The ignorant simply ignore the ring, or ask me if I'm happy.

Jazzy said...'s really bad when you have to resort to those kinds of tactics.

Nexgrl said...

Bad and sad. What makes them think that you desire a man who has no job and comes to the library each and every day. Some are even outside waiting for the library to open in the morning.