Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sights to behold

I am trying to devise a creative way in which I can capture the images that I see. There are days when I see some things that amaze me.

Wednesday before last, I saw a man walking the floor, he had on a burgundy men's t-shirt, a burgundy, pink, and brown ruffled skirt with a white lace trim. Rounding out his ensemble were pink tub socks and brown hiking boots. The highlight of my evening was the man standing next to the reference desk on the side that I was sitting, and posing. If I moved, he moved.

When my supervisor saw what was going on, he told me, "Consider yourself blessed!"

This past Thursday, I got to see what I had only heard about. A man in a woman's spaghetti strapped spandex tank top, and denim booty shorts. They looked as if he had cut them himself. His butt cheeks were exposed. The last time that he was on our floor in that attire, a supervisor approached him and told him that he was dressed inappropriately. He told the supervisor to, stay out of his business.


Doret said...

LMAO @ ensemble it even funnier with a fancy accent. I didn't see such great outfits today at work. I'll share one story that help get me through the day. Customer wanted to return a Zane book b/c the content wasn't what she was expecting. I was thinking to myself what did you expect its Zane, the reciept was only 2days old so I keep my mouth shut. I tell a co worker about this and she actually put the Zane book on hold the other day. The book was intended for a bachelorette party. It was lesbian love stories edited by Zane my coworker didn't tell the customer this. She assumed it has a gag gift because the customer requested the title by name

Nexgrl said...

I have learned the hard way not to ask whether or not a patron is aware of the content of the material that they want to check out. Too many have gotten angry at me for trying to watch out for them. I, like your co-worker have decided to give them exactly what they request.

Rashan Jamal said...

That image is too much for my fragile mind. LOL

Nexgrl said...

Too much for you to imagine, I had to look at it prance back and forth past the reference desk and then run past.

Anonymous said...

LMAO, PLEASE keep your camera ready you know the Shem will returm. I will have tons of material for my sketchbook.


Nexgrl said...

I think that dude has been banned.