Wednesday, January 21, 2009

As requested..................

I arrived to work @8:35a.m. I thought that I would have trouble gaining access to the staff entrance.

I did see a lot of people, but they were all making a beeline toward the plaza.

I didn't go to the auditorium. I opted to watch online. The librarian who sponsored the event reported that they ended up letting the patrons in at 8:50 a.m. The auditorium quickly became standing room only. Everyone wanted to watch the I.naguration together. Cheers were heard all the way up on the 3rd flr(mine.). It was a peaceful event that even brought out the city librarian.


Monique said...

Whenever I read you blog I always wonder if you worked at the main library in San Francisco. Some of your patrons sound like they are from San Fran and that library get some very interesting people

Doret said...

A peaceful event thats no fun. Tell the patrons to start acting a fool, I want a good laugh. Though I am glad you got to watch it in peace.

Rashan Jamal said...

I watched online at work, because they refused to give us a tv to watch except in the cafeteria.

Nexgrl said...

Interesting and unique are light descriptions of the patrons we see on a daily basis.

You asked for a review of the event. Now you know someone(pale) had to fuss at me for 10 minutes. He was complaining about the IT department because he wasn't able to download a program on one of the public computers. He wanted to look at the presidential speeches from the past inaugurations.

Yeah, I thought it best to experience the event without the comments and interuptions of co-workers and or patrons.