Tuesday, January 13, 2009

By the public's reaction, you'd think we were giving out gold bars

Tuesday, the library will show the i.nauguration ceremony in our auditorium. Since we don't officially open until 9:00 a.m.(PST,) they will open the building at 8:45 a.m. Those who want to enter the building early, will need a ticket.

The tickets are being given out at the reference desk on my floor. There is an announcement on our website, it has been in the local paper, and I guess on the local news. People have been coming in everyday, all day, and asking for passes.

Sunday, a woman asked me for 20 passes. We had less than 10 at the desk. The librarian who's co-sponsoring the event said that when they ran out, that would be all. He then changed his mind and said that if there is time, he will request that more tickets be printed. I told the woman that I couldn't give her 20. She then said, "Well, can I have 3 because I want to bring my children." I gave her 3, along with the name and telephone number for the librarian in charge of the event. I gave the man that was with her 2. He then came back Monday evening and asked for 3 more tickets and said that he also wanted to pick up 15 for the woman from Sunday. At that point, we only had 1 ticket left.

Today, a woman called and asked me so many questions about the event, I thought she was writing an article. She asked if we had close circuit televisions, in addition to the projector screen. I looked at the telephone receiver before answering her. When I got off the telephone, my co-worker said, "Is the person writing a book?"


Rashan Jamal said...

I don't understand. Don't people have TV's at home? If I'm not gonna be in Washington, then I'd rather watch with people I know than a bunch of strange strangers.

Doret said...

I am so sorry. How big is the auditorium? Have you been asked about snacks? Have you had patrons asking about a special Spiderman Obama comic? Have people been stealing the Obama magazines?

Sha Boogie said...

lol @ the gold bars! my job is projecting it too.. and giving out breakfast,ohhhh...lol

Nexgrl said...

The event will also be shown on a jumbotron in the plaza across the street. I'd prefer that, if I just had to watch it in the company of others. The auditorium can get too stuffy for my taste.

It seats about 250. Up until 12/31/2008, there was a cafe outside of the auditorium. Those who don't eat before hand will be very salty. I don't know about the magazines because they are on another floor. People stealing magazines is an ongoing problem. We don't have the comic books yet.

There have been folks calling to see if they can make reservations.

Doret said...

Don't forget to tell us how it went.