Thursday, June 04, 2009

Arguing over 15 minutes

Last Wednesday was a doozy. After two yelling and shoving incidents, we called security because it sounded like it was about to go down. They arrived, told one man to leave, he walked away no problem. The other guy, well, he refused to leave. They had to restrain him with those plastic handcuffs. He had the nerve to yell and scream as they were shoving him into the elevator.

As soon as the floor was clear and quiet, lo and behold the first guy resurfaced. We then found out that he was the trouble maker. Once again, there was shouting and shoving. We called security again and were told that they were still dealing with the other guy.
It seems that homey was walking around the 15-minute express terminals
exposing himself. As if that wasn't bad enough, he had crabs and they were


SimplyB said...


I gradute from library school in a few weeks. Am I ready for the real world???

Nexgrl said...

If you plan to work in a public library, just prepare yourself. You will see a lot of what you never expected to see at your place of employment. Know that your knowledge of the collection will only be used sometimes. What will be needed the most, is your knowledge of computer programming and word processing.

Kim said...


Nexgrl said...

Everyday, all day