Thursday, June 18, 2009

Look what I found

Yesterday, a patron approached the desk, he complained that a man was eating near him and the chewing was irritating him. As I was walking the aisle, to see what/who the problem was, I found something similar to this

Everything was plugged in and it looked as if it had been used. I was so stunned, that when I returned to the reference desk, I told my co-worker, "I could explain it to you, but I wouldn't do it justice. You have to go see if for yourself." She walked over there and returned to inform me that she was going in the staff area to inform my boss. He came out and asked the guy(by that time the patron had returned) how he was able to bring the computer inside.


Anonymous said...

What!?! Are you serious? Please tell me that a patron did NOT bring into the library and hook up that 1980's computer.


Nexgrl said...


Yes he did. I was so amazed, I had to tell others. I think we scared him. We would stop, stare, and then go tell someone else.