Monday, June 14, 2010

Public schools have only been out for 1 week

I'm ready for summer to be over already! There's a group of three boys ages 11-13 who have been pressing their luck. I had them escorted out of the library last Wednesday. They were arguing with me, trying to tell me what the library rules are. They did what they wanted, after I informed them of the rules on our floor. They were arguing with each other. I called security because of other patrons. The responding officer saw the three boys and decided to observe them. He then asked me what happened. After explaining that they refussed to follow rules, they were told to leave.

Thursday, two librarins spoke to two of the same boys on two different occassions. They had girls with them. They were teasing the girls and throwing books at them. All involved were told to separate. All they did was return an hour later, when the desk staff changed. My supervisor when to verify what they were told. They noticed him eyeing them and left the floor.

Early this afternoo, they were kicked out for identity theft( it was discovered that they were using multiple library card numbers to aCcess the internet.)


Anonymous said...

I had never thought about the using of multiple library card numbers. Sneaky little brats.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I'm curious about they got the multiple library card numbers? I agree clever and sneaky. Kids?!

Nexgrl said...

Both Anonymous and GorgeousPuddin

The first stop for these boys is the Children's Room, we believe this is where they steal the card and pin numbers of younger children. What we've also discovered is that they don't use the card/pin numbers of family members, only strangers.