Monday, June 07, 2010

Time away

I made the decision last month, to begin taking one vacation day per month. Sometimes I feel as if I need a break from the patrons and my co-workers. I put my request in for 6 months of one day vacations, and it was approved.

It's very rare that I take a vacation day, and 1 week of vacation almost never happens. The biggest obstacle is my co-workers. They block up months in advance in the vacation calendar book.

Last Thursday, my co-worker(who talks LOUDLY and sits in the cubicle adjacent to mine,) came to my desk with the vacation book. She said, "If by any chance you decide not to take October 26th off, can you let me know because I plan to go on vacation that week. Before she finished her spiel, I said no. I then told her that I'm taking one day per month off.

This woman calls in sick three out of the four Tuesdays every month. Her work schedule is Tuesday - Saturday. As she was talking to me, I was thinking that she just needs to work the other three Tuesdays that month, so she can call in sick on the 26th. We already know that she won't be in to work that day.


Anonymous said...

lol figures, your brother

Nexgrl said...

@Brother. That woman called in sick this past Tuesday. She has the nerve that all of her requests have to be approved by the Chief of the Main.