Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Warm weather doesn't encourage people to go outside

Last Monday, three men were in the library together. I found out after the fact that they were together.

I watched a man doze off and on for a half hour. Finally, he began to snore. I walked over to him and said, "My only problem with your behavior, is that now you've begun to snore." As I was doing this, one of his friends yells from one of the Internet computers, "You're sitting in the front, you have to watch what you do!"

I returned to the reference desk. The sleeper then goes to use the computer that his friend was using. The friend then joins the third guy with them at the table facing the reference desk. They turned their chairs so that they were facing me and began talking loudly.

Guy1: I like white girls, you know Latin, Asian. I don't like black girls at all.

Guy2: Yeah, I like Asian and Latin girls. I don't like black girls either.

They kept going back and forth about the problem with black women.
When my co-worked returned to the reference desk, I told him what the men were doing and how annoying it was. I knew that they were doing it just to work my nerves. My co-worker walked over and had words with them. I didn't ask what was said, but they stopped talking.

Sunday was a nice day. Relatively hot(for this city,) and the library was crowded all day.

A patron called and began to argue with me about the way in which a book was classified. She had given me the wrong title. When I finally found what she was talking about, she told me I was wrong. After searching the shelves for another title, she then told me that she didn't want to place a hold on the book.

Yesterday, I had to speak to a man watching p*orn. The public monitors are 17" Flat screens that are raised. Each time that I turned to my right, I saw a woman's legs spread with a man's head in between. I walked over to the man and said, " I believe in free speech and that everyone is entitled to look at whatever they want on the Internet, but I'm don't want to see that." This fool said, "It just popped on the screen." That man had been selecting different windows for at least 20 minutes.

After his hour was up, he came to the reference desk and starred at me, looking me up and down. I finally said, "Do you have a reference question?" He then said, "I'm sorry." I said, "Yeah, okay."

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