Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So you think it's my fault

Yesterday, a couple was sitting at one of the internet computers near the reference desk.

The guy approached the desk and said, " My girl needs your help. She can't log on to the computer."

As I walked over to her, he said, "We are scheduled to attend the basic internet instruction class tomorrow and I told her that she should just wait until tomorrow."

I explained to the woman how to log onto the computer. I then asked her what website she wanted. She said fb. I logged her onto fb, thinking she had an account. NOT. I told her that she would have to set up an account before she could enter the site.

WELLLLLL, it turned out that she didn't have an email account. She wanted to make up a fictitious account. I told her that she should just set up an email account and then set up her fb account.*****Meanwhile, ol boy is mumbling behind me that she needs to just wait until they attend the internet class.

She said that she wanted her email account to be with y*hoo. I showed her where she needed to be and told her to follow the set-up instructions. I believe the main problem was comprehension. The guy came back over again and said that she was having problems and I needed to help her one more time. I told him that she would probably need more help, but it's okay.

As I explained to her why her password wasn't acceptable and why they asked for a second email address, ol boy was behind me snickering once again. He was saying she needed to wait. I turned around and told him that he needed to STOP SNICKERING, BECAUSE HE WOULD BE GOING THROUGH THE SAME THING IN THE BASIC INTERNET CLASS.

I went to help someone else. As I was returning to the reference desk, ol boy stopped me and said, "She thinks that you said I was laughing at her." I told him, "No, that's not what I said you were doing. You were continuously mumbling that she should wait until the class and I told you to stop."

He then said, "Well, now she's mad because she thinks I was making fun of her." She had stormed off and was yelling at him at the elevator. All I heard was, "OH I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING AND I CAN'T DO ANYTHING."

She just wanted a little knowledge before attending the class. I understood that, but obviously he didn't.

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