Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aggressive Panhandler

Yesterday, the floor manager asked when he came to the reference desk to relieve me, if security had been inside the Education Center. I told him that I had seen the security guard, but I didn't see him go toward the Education Center.

He told me that there was a man in there eating and he had called for a security guard to speak with him.

I'm in charge of the Education Center, so I went to see if the guy was still in there. I had sent a woman in there to look at some college handbooks and I wanted to make sure he wasn't bothering her.

We have a two-sided sign on the table in the Education Center that says you can only be in the room if you are using the education reference materials.

The woman wasn't in there. I see the guy and he's slouched and eating. He has broken chips and crumbs all down the front of his jacket. I asked him if he was using the materials in the room. He shows me a magazine that was from another floor. I told him that he could only be in there if he was using the materials in that room, while showing him the sign. As he was speaking, I noticed food in his mouth. I told him that eating wasn't allowed inside the library. He told me don't insult him and myself. He also stated that a security officer had already been in there to speak with him, so he didn't understand why I was bothering him.

This man stands across the street from the library almost everyday. He isn't there payday(the 1st of the month,) and about 2-3 days afterward. Every time he sees me, he asks me for money. I give him none. He then says that I know I can give him some money. I usually look at him like he's crazy. He will then tell me that I don't need to look at him like that.

When he comes into the library, he is always breaking the rules. When I catch him and tell him that what he's doing isn't allowed, he always talks loud and tries to go off. I will call security and he usually leaves before they get there. He will not say anything to me outside after he's had outburst in the library.

I told my co-worker that he's going to catch me on the wrong day and I'm going off on him. He only talks smack to the black folks when they don't give him any money or pay any attention to him.


ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Don't insult him? He had crumbs on his jacket and food in his mouth! lol Oh Lord, how do you deal with those folks? I suggest you POP OFF on someone, hhaa!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Wow! You've been so good thus far! I think I would've gone off by now. What in the world takes security so long to get there?

Nexgrl said...

@ShaBoogie, GorgeousPuddin
This man usually says something slick to me when I'm on my way to work(running late,) rushing to/from lunch, or inside the building. The patron is always correct here(just like the customer,) so I hold my tongue in the building. When I'm outside, because I'm rushing, I don't think he is worth me wasting my breath.

Nexgrl said...

I forgot to comment on our security staff. They've begun to not take our floor seriously, when it comes to problem patrons. We have about 3 librarians who call security for EVERYTHING, and that makes the rest of us look bad. When they can hear yelling and screaming and see a fight breaking out from the floors below, they respond faster.