Monday, July 11, 2011

What did you say?

This white woman walked up to me at the refence desk and said, "I'm not a RACIST, YOU ARE! Can you tell
me where I can find the St*r W*rs graphic novels?"

I steeped back and gave her a side-eye(the Assistant Chief of the library and my Floor Manager were standing near me.)

I walked toward the books and the woman was still standing at the reference desk. I told her
that she needed to follow me. I walked over to the teen graphic novel shelves and pointe out the St*r W*rs gn's.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Well was she crazy?? Was she talking to you or the voices in her head?

SimplyB said...

Huh? Was something wrong with her?

Jazzy said...

lmaoooo i swear the crazy house must be within walking vicinity of that library. it HAS to be!

Anonymous said...

What in the world??????? Where do these nuts come from?????? I never knew so that so many crazies frequented the library! Man!

Nexgrl said...

@Gorgeous Puddin, SimplyB
Crazy and Racist
I think they come to the library because they don't have to leave, it's warm and dry. All it takes is someone showing them how to get to the library once.
@Jazzy and mrstdj
We are one bus away from the county hospital and they do have a outpatient facility for the mentally ill.

Judaye said...

The mentally have to go somewhere don't they?