Wednesday, July 04, 2012

My quarterly Sunday

This past Sunday, I arrived to my assigned branch 10 minutes early. As the Acting HBIC, you have to send an email out to all of the branch libraries by 12noon. I didn't receive any problem call from the other branches. The problem was with the branch were I was assigned. I was the only one there. The only reason that I was able to send the email out in time, was because the custodian just happened to still be in the branch when I arrived. This is the same branch were the manager sent me an email 5 days before I was scheduled to be there, talking about don't be late(In January.) I haven't spoken to her since receiving that email. I could understand if she was my District Manager, but she's the same classification as me. She's a bit confussed because for a few months, they had her in the position of a temporary district manager. Even then, she wasn't my district manager. I didn't even work in the branches during her reign as District Manager. I worked with a different staff, the last time that I was there. I must remember not to chose this particular staff's rotation. Everyone was 10 or more minutes late to work. I got to work with the librarian who mistook me for someone beneath her the last time that I worked with her. I was at the desk when she arrived. She said, "Oh, AND YOU ARE?" I said, "Your acting chief of branches today." She tried to play it off, "And your name is?" I played along with her for a little while, and gave her my name, I even gave her a brief rundown of everywhere that I've worked in the system. I already don't like the manager at that branch, but that part-time entry level librarian is just too much.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Girl! Your co-workers are just a comical and ridiculous as the ones I've encountered LOL! What is this thinking people are beneath you stuff? Regardless of ones position or station in life one must ALWAYS stay humble. One day people will get it, Geez!

Nexgrl said...

What kills me, is that this a a fairly large library system. You don't run into everyone all of the time. I've been a manager for 8 months, you'd think that they would have figured it out by now.