Sunday, December 09, 2012

My temporary work location life is nearing the end

We finally have a date when the temporary library location will close. We will close in mid January and open in the new building in February. The waiting game begins. My department is waiting on a commited date from the Mayor for the ceremony. I have begun the opening day party planning with the team members from library management. I have done 3 walk throughs. The library is still far from being ready for opening. The crew has already broken some pieces of very expensive glass artwork. The glass has been reordered. That installation will take time, once the glass arrives. The public courtyard has the artwork and doors. The built-in benches are missing. The foliage is missing, and the trees are missing. The staff breakroom has cabinets that are partially installed. The lighting kinks haven't been worked out. There are still areas that lack proper lighting because the architect didn't foresee the possible blind spots. My staff is ready to leave. They are so excited. The district manager said we need to start weeding the collection as damaged books are returned. They began weeding the in-house collection that same day. I explained to them that we still have to have a collection of items for the public to checkout. But the countdown has begun.....

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