Thursday, May 04, 2006

A brotha on the come up

Minding my own business at the ref. desk this morning. A homeless man walks up to the desk and ask me if we have any books on viagara. I, like a fool, start searching the catalog. This was all a part of his " pick-up line." He goes on to say that his girl is trying to leave him because he can't get it right. He then asks me if I would leave him if he couldn't get if right. I don't even answer the question.

Once he realized that I was not going to answer the question, he goes in for the kill. He tells me that he doesn't have a problem, but he is trying to get my number. I still don't answer, but I show him that there are some books on viagra in the catalog. I tell him it's no joke, we do have some literature.

He's sticking to his line. He asks me if I am married, I don't answer. He tells me that he doesn't see a ring, and asks me if I have one. I tell him that I do have a ring. He asks why I don't have it on, I tell him that it is at my desk. He asks how long I have been married and I tell him almost three years. He then asks me if I would leave my husband for him. I don't even answer, I just look at him like n**a please!!! He stinks and has on dirty clothes. He sees the way in which I am looking at him. He proclaims that he is not homeless, his coat is dirty, but he is in school (Big Rig Driving.)

He tells me that he will be clocking 10k a month once he finishes school, 8k after taxes. He asks if my man is bringing it in like that , I tell him no. He asks me again if I would leave my man for him because he will be able to pay my rent. I told him that as long as he is paying his rent, that is the only thing he should be worried about.

He has green eyes and I guess he was fantasizing about back in the day when he was able to pull any chick he desired. I am not the one. I am not trying to help anyone else get back where they feel they should be.

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