Monday, May 08, 2006

Phony people get on my LAST NERVE!!

Thursday May 4th. When I arrived to work, I chose to charge my cell phone because it showed two bars. I hid the phone and charger, then went upstairs to drop something off. I wasn't gone 10 minutes. After having returned to my desk, I realized that the woman sitting in the cubicle adjacent mine was talking about me to another Librarian. Neither of them are black. They were discusing me charging me cell phone and the fact that they were not even aware that there is an electrical outlet in my cubicle. NOW in order for the charger and cellular telephone to be seen, someone would have to have been inside my cubicle or leaning into it from my neighbors. Either way, they were all up in my space. They went on to discuss what I have done on the floor when dealing with patrons. They ended their conversation by saying that maybe my actions should be a topic for the staff meeting on May 9th.

As they were talking about me, I began e-mailing a co-worker who sits two aisles over and the friend who works upstairs. I explained how two librarians were talking about me while I was sitting at my desk. I guess they didn't realize that I had returned to my desk. The friend who works upstairs sits next to a friend of the main woman talking about me. My friend called and suggested that we take a break outside the building and discuss the incident. My ex called on my cell phone in the middle of all this and wanted to know what was going on. I told him that I couldn't discuss it on the phone, but I would send him an e-mail. During the break, my friend told me to ignore the mess. I checked my e-mail when I returned and my ex wrote, "You already know what I have to say, F*CK THEM H**S!"

I had reference desk duty about 1/2 hour after the incident described above. I had no idea who my common cubicle wall co-worker was speaking to. The librarian scheduled to work the desk with me, immediately goes into this long speech. In her speech, she tells me that I should feel free to ask her any and everything about the material. She tells me that even if she is helping a patron, I should interrupt her and ask away. She says that she knows that the layout of the floor and the materials can sometimes be confusing. This is the most this woman has ever said to me. It also let me know who the other person was talking about me. I thought she may have been feeling a bit of guilt. I was looking at her like she was CRAZY the whole time she was talking.

30 minutes go by without me talking to this woman. She then announces, " I said all of that earlier because you might be able to answer some of my questions and help me out." I didn't even comment, I just looked at her once again like she had lost her mind. Thursdays are my Fridays, so I couldn't wait until the end of the day. Two days away from these petty women.

Sunday morning I arrive at work before the petty women. After sitting at my desk for 30 minutes; common cubicle wall woman pops over to my area, "GOOD MORNING." This is the first day of my third week, this woman has never spoken to me. I said hi, and turned my head. I couldn't get on the computer because for some reason I was unable to logon. I.T. said that my computer wasn't registered with the domain. After waiting for 45 minutes, I was able to log onto the computer and feel like maybe the day wouldn't be so bad. I tried my best to speak to the petty women as little as possible.

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