Monday, September 18, 2006

Passover dates for the next five years

Last five minutes of my last hour at the reference desk.

Patron: " I would like a computer printout of the Passover dates for the next five years."

Me: "Didn't I give you a printout of national holidays for the next five years a few months ago?"

Patron: "Yes."

Me: "And...................What happened?"

Patron: Oh, I threw those papers away because I just read stuff and throw it away.

Me: "Well, that is not my fault! You should remember the dates since you had them before."

Patron: " I don't keep or remember stuff, just look it up! It's in a book back there."

So I give the patron a book of American Holidays and Festivals. By this time another librarian was on the desk and he proceeds to complain to her about the book I gave him.

I did look in one more book, but then I decided to leave the search and him alone. My time on the desk was over and I wasn't waisting my desk time on a search that I had done a few months back for the same person.

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