Tuesday, September 12, 2006

You can run, but you can't hide

Yesterday evening, as I looked up from the computer terminal, I see a man waving to me as if we are long lost friends. Not! This is the same man who tried to make my days miserable at the old location.

Example #1: He would call whenever my boss was on vacation and ask for "The most senior

My response was always, " You know BB is on vacation, so how may I help you?"

His response, " Well, that makes you the most senior librarian on duty!"

Me: "Well, is there something that I can help you with today?" While thinking:
"Did you call here to just mess with me or do you really have a reference

He would proceed to ask me to search the online catalog for a book. Whenever I
would return to the telephone, he would proceed to tell me the call number, the
location of the book, and whether or not it can be checked out.

At this point, I would be heated but I didn't let him hear it in my voice. I always
felt as if this fool sat at home and thought of different ways in which he could
annoy the library staff.

We went through this same routine if he came into the library.

So yesterday as I realized who it was waving at me, I gave him a look that said,"You must be
crazy. You know we ain't friends, never have been and never will be!"


Nexgrl said...

Nah, I know my triffling ex-boss told him that I am working here now. Because of the legal situation, I am sure that she didn't tell him which floor. I have seen him down here before, but never when I was at the reference desk. Whenever I saw him, it was before he noticed me. I am sure he had been looking on each floor whenever he came down here.

This is the sneaky one who called my ex-boss and asked her to ask me why I didn't like him. He will never be forgiven for that "punk" move!

i like liquor and tv said...

man that is too crazy! that dude needs a hobby, or a wife or something.

Nexgrl said...

@liquor & tv

Yeah, he is crazy. He is one of those people that has taken a class in every graduate program, but he can't tell you about receiving a masters degree yet.