Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thursdays scenes from the library

1-2 o'clock hour. 10 minutes into the hour "CALL SECURITY!!!!!!............CALL SECURITY

There are two 15 minute express internet computers on this floor. You don't need your library card to access them. Grown men were arguing over the use of said computers.

Security finally arrived and the area was clear.

Another 15 minutes pass and we hear "HEY!"............."NO, CALL SECURITY!" It was a different set of adult men. They finally settled their issues without the help of security.

5-6 o'clock hour. Ladies don't ever complain about cellulite. My eyes were assaulted!!!!!

Anglo--- about 6'2" Headband (think Oliva Newton John in the "Let's Get Physical" video)
Similar hair also.
Grey gym shorts revealing cellulite thighs, calves, and legs.
Blue tank top revealing cellulite filled upper arms.
He circled the floor twice before approaching me.

Patron: "What is that room in the corner with the beautiful metal doors?"

Me: "That's the Gay/Lesbian Center"


Me: "Ummmm......I guess."


Me: "Oh, okaaaay!"

The patron made a big show out of making a semi-circle around the floor. Once again he approached me.

Patron: " Where's the closest pay telephone?"

Me: "Near the men's restroon."

He returns 15 minutes later.........................................

Patron: "The same man has been on the telephone the entire time that I waited. When I asked
him when he thought he would be done, he told me when he was good and ready." If I
worked here, I would call security because he should not be allowed to hog the

Me: "There are pay telephones on each floor, you can always go to another floor and use the


Patron: " I don't want to go to another floor. I want someone to make him get off the
telephone. He just keeps dialing 1-888 numbers. If I go to another floor, someone
may be hogging the telephone on that floor."

Me: "There is a bank of telephones on the first floor and in the basement"

Patron: " I am not going to another floor. That is why I don't like coming here. The books are
never where you can find them and there are always a lot of strange people in here.
This is the third time I have been here since this building opened." (This building has
been open since April 1996.)

Me: " Would you like a map of the building? It is a diagram of each floor and where the books
are located."

Patron: "No, I think I will just go back to my hotel room!"

It has taken me a few days to figure out the best way in which to share this experience.

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Nexgrl said...

Yes,he did say weird people are always in this library. I wanted to laugh so bad. My co-worker was avoiding eye contact.