Thursday, December 07, 2006

We can't have everything

This week was relatively smooth, or so I thought. No sign of the potential stalker from last week.......AND THEN..........This morning things took a turn for the worst.

The Green-eyed crackhead from a previous post resurfaced. I was listening to my co-worker rant about the headaches my ex-Manager is dishing out when.......Green-eyes says, "Excuse me, I am having a very bad day, can I have a hug".........I didn't miss a beat. I turned his way, said no and went back to speaking with my co-worker.

He was gross ya'll. Dirty clothes and white foam surrounding his mouth. Wow, just the thought turns you on hunh?


Anonymous said...

Foam? WTH?

Nexgrl said...

The foam let me know that he does more than just crack. He came in with a group. They all looks as if they had just been released from the shelter.

I was shaken for a moment, because after our first incident; he usually just picks a computer terminal and proceeds to nod in front of it.

Nexgrl said...

The co-worker whom I was speaking with at the time this occurred, had the same reaction as you. He said, " You should have slapped the sh*t out of him."